Safety Covers

Secure your swimming pool with a professional safety cover designed to protect your investment and your loved ones.

Customized. Uncompromised.

For the utmost protection and safety you need a cover that is designed to fit your pool exactly. A cover that’s custom designed for your pool is safer and provides better protection. Crystal Blue Pool Renovation is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations without on-site additions that could compromise quality and safety. Our consultant will work with you to pick out the right cover for your pool, taking into account your budget and needs.

Which Cover is Right for you?

Crystal Blue Pool Renovation offers a wide variety of safety covers conducive to just about any application or budget. Safety covers offered by Crystal Blue Pool Renovation include SmartMesh, Dura-Mesh, Advanced Grade Mesh Mesh, and Safety Solid. Our safety covers are durable and effective. Crystal Blue Renovation covers are stronger and look better longer. Manufactured completely with U.S.A.-made materials and components that exceed industry standards, our covers feature unsurpassed thread and webbing strength, brass anchors and powerful stainless steel tension springs. Each showcases the latest technology to protect your pool against the relentless forces of nature, as well as the unpredictable nature of children and pets. Other covers simply pale by comparison!

Crystal Blue Renovations safety covers feature an ingenious strap and anchor system that allows for easy installation and removal using a specially designed tool.

Specially designed step-riser kits and/or cable systems close up gaps and ensure security for pools with awkward angles or unique construction.

Specially formulated, reinforced vinyl or polypropylene cover sheet is supported by nylon/polypropylene straps. Extension straps are secured to tension springs with a steel buckle.

Crystal Blue Pool Renovation provides measurements and complete installation services for safety covers on new pools and existing pools.