Crystal Blue Pool Renovation offers the largest selection of materials and combinations for a breath taking pool renovation.

• Tile
• Coping
• Brick
• Natural Stone

With unlimited coping choices from
• Tumbled Irregular PA Bluestone
• Template Tumbled PA Bluestone
• Thermal PA Bluestone with a Bullnose Edge or a Stone Face Edge
• Granite
• Travertine
• Marble

Precast Concrete in Various Colors and Textures
Ceramic Brick in Many Colors and Sizes or
Pavers in Various Brands and Colors

Have one of Crystal Blue Pools Renovation trained professionals install and transform your swimming pool today. Our crews are trained to perform all major pool renovations to installing coping, natural stone or brick and tile along with new skimmers, main drains, replacing underground plumbing to minor tile or coping repairs.

From natural shades to colorful tones, our tremendous coping and tile selections will transform your pool into a dream come true.

For many pool owners the prospect of pool refurbishment and/or renovation can be a frustrating process.

Crystal Blue Pool Renovation is here to provide quality, efficient and affordable services designing your pool to your expectations.

We pride ourselves in ensuring the vision for your swimming pool project comes to fruition.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for one of our specially trained staff and start planning your pool renovation project today.