With so many deck options to choose from, Crystal Blue Pool Renovation, LLC. is here to help guide our customers to the best choices for your pool decking.


Traditional poured concrete deck with finishes: tinted concrete; stamped concrete; exposed aggregate; accent bands at expansion joints and edging.


Quality precast concrete pavers come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are able to move with the ground to eliminate cracking.


Stone paving may be laid on a poured concrete slab or larger flagstones laid on a compacted aggregate bed. Wide range of stone options excluding those which absorb excessive heat or are very dark in color


Travertine is known for being easy on the feet and toes. The porous stone doesn’t absorb heat as readily as other deck materials, saving your feet on sizzling hot summer days. Travertine is literally one of the coolest ways to build a pool deck.

Travertine is a natural rock similar to limestone and marble. In addition to pavers used for outdoor projects, travertine is also commonly used in tile form for indoor floors, walls, and countertops.

Travertine comes in a lot of different colors – ivory, walnut, and gold, to name a few. Travertine comes in honed and tumbled, which refer to the roughness of the surface.


Less popular than it was in the 20th century, brick remains a viable decking material preferred for historic houses or homes where brick is a strong architectural element. Use smooth brick that’s easy on bare feet.

Spray-On Coatings:

Spray-on coatings are usually a cement blended product that are sprayed onto the existing surface of a pool deck. One popular spray-on coating is Southcrete Spray Deck, is a two-part resinateddeck system that includes liquid resin and powder that is spray or trowel applied over new or existing concrete surfaces. Besides adding years of life to concrete, Spray Deck is slip resistant and comfortable under the foot. The resulting floor finish is a combination of beauty and creativity that’s durable and practical.