Renovation Q & A

When Is It Time to Renovate?

Q. How do I know my pool needs to be replastered?

A. Plaster will wear over time, once you start to see areas that are worn out or your plaster starts to get rough it usually means it’s time to replaster.

Q. How do I determine if the tiles on my pool need to be replaced?

A. Determining the right time to remove old tile and install new is not always the easiest thing to determine simply by eye. If you inspect the tile line around your pool and see cracks going through the tile, it usually means that there is damage. If you have tiles that are falling off every year and getting worse it probably means it’s time to replace your tile.

Q. How do I determine when the right time to replace my coping/brick?

A. Determining when the right time to replace coping/brick is very similar to the tile. Inspect the coping visually and then take your pool cover pole or a hammer and lightly tap the top of the coping /brick and you should hear a solid sound. If you hear a hollow sound it means that the coping/brick has or is coming detached from the bond beam which is the top of the pool wall. This happens for various reasons, but the biggest reason is because of our weather in the northeast. With the freeze and thaw over time it breaks down the mortar connection between coping and bond beam.

Your Renovation from Start to Finish

1. Crystal Blue Pool Renovation, LLC. will provide a written estimate that becomes a contract when all is agreed upon and signed. Your salesperson will take your deposit and work with you to make your selections for coping, tile and plaster.

2. Next we set up a time to begin the renovation and we’ll try to accommodate the date of your choice. If we are previously booked we will schedule you as close to your preference date as possible.

3. You will be contacted the day before we’re to begin and schedule each phase of the work. No one will come to your home unless you receive a telephone call from our scheduling coordinator.

4. The process begins with draining the pool and pulling the hydrostatic plugs. (we always ask where to drain the water) Once the pool is empty the real work begins. It will vary depending on what renovations are needed.

5. If you are having coping and tile done they will be installed first. Once that process is completed the interior of the pool will be prepped and a bond coat will be applied. Once the bond coat is done we will let that dry from 12 to 24 hours depending on weather.

6. Our scheduling coordinator will contact you the day before we plaster the pool. Once the pool is plastered we start the water in the deep end of your pool. It is very important that once the water is started that it not be shut off for any reason. If the water level stops for any period of time a waterline will form on the new plaster which cannot be removed.

7. You will be provided with pool start-up instructions. It’s important that you follow the instructions to receive the best results.

3-Year Warranty

Crystal Blue Pool Renovation, LLC. 3 year warranty covers all materials and services 100%. That means that if there are any defects in either the material or craftsmanship we will correct them for no charge for a period of 3 years.